Content By Developers, For Developers

Dev Spotlight is an agency that focuses on creating content for software development and DevOps. We work with many top brands in the developer tools space including Heroku, SolarWinds, Rollbar, Kong, and more. We create high-value content by hiring the best technical leaders and influencers in popular developer communities. Our content has been read by millions of developers and is often top-ranked in search engines like Google and in popular developer communities like Reddit, Hacker News, DEV, DZone, Hackernoon, and more.

If you already have a content strategy and plan in place, we can help you execute on it. If not, we can help you create a strategy based on your objectives. We have a wide variety of technical writers who are experts in software development, DevOps, cloud platforms, and more.

We create many types of content including:

  • Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • SEO
  • Thought leadership
  • Tutorials
  • Onboarding guides
  • Demos

Our Process

Start With Content Strategy

In today’s world, software and DevOps engineers are key champions of IT products and are a critical part of the buying process. Since your customers are experts in the technologies they use, and they expect your team to be experts as well. We’ll help you create content that speaks their language with confidence, build awareness for the problems and solutions you offer, and generate demand by reaching new audiences.

Great content starts with a great content strategy, and that starts with understanding your audience. Developers are tired of old-school marketing tactics that intrude on their day with “fluff” messaging. They are passionate about new technologies, learning new things, solving tough problems, and becoming great at their jobs.

If you don’t already have a strategy in place, we can help you develop one. The key is to align your business goals and readers’ interests. An effective strategy considers the reader’s job role, seniority level, channel through which you’ll communicate, stage in the customer lifecycle, and what action they need to take next.

Streamline Your Content Pipeline

We can interact with your existing content management platform, or you can may use ours. All clients get access to our platform that streamlines the process of matching writers to your set of topics, creating outlines, drafts, and giving you the option to review and provide feedback. It also assists with publishing on target sites and communities and tracks analytics to help report on which types of content and channels work best.

Create High-Value Content

Our team of technical writers will create content according to your plan. Our team includes experts in frontend and backend development, DevOps, cloud platform architecture, databases, business journalism, and more.

Developers can make great writers because they are experts at the language or system being discussed. They will bring knowledge of where your product fits in a typical developer’s workflow, its use cases, and empathy for the developer’s mindset. They can also write code examples to offer “proof” that your solution supports the reader’s system, shows how to use it, and the awesome things you can do with it.

Good writing also delivers the right level of detail without overwhelming the reader. It matches your company’s style and tone of voice, and is optimized for each channel, such as search or social media.

Publish To Reach Your Audience

You need to publish and distribute your content where your audience can find it. Your company website or blog is just the beginning. Developers are more likely to discover your company when searching for an answer to a problem, or when engaging with their communities.

Gaining traction in popular communities like Reddit or Hacker News can drive 10x the traffic of publishing on your corporate blog. This can also help your article get picked up by newsletters with thousands of followers. Publishers who value your content will link to it and help it content climb to the top of the search engine ranking. There, it can remain “evergreen” and drive millions of visitors over the long term. Check out our case study on How Loggly Attracted Over 1 Million Visitors with an “Ultimate Guide”.