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Using the Scientific Method to Debug Containerized Applications

on November 17, 2020

“It works fine on my machine!” Perhaps the most famous saying in our industry. Even with the advent of containers that provide consistent environments across the SDLC, we still hear developers fall back to this claim when a defect is found. But in the end, if the code doesn’t work in test or production, it doesn’t work—even if it works locally. So as a developer, being able to deep dive into your containerized application to fix the problem—regardless of the environment—is a critical skill we must all learn.

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Using Nginx to Customize Control of Your Hosted App

on November 10, 2020

Open-source application diversity is both the biggest boon in the Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) movement, and its greatest hindrance to adoption. You don’t always own the application you’re consuming, and it often comes with certain opinions and limitations imposed by the software author—either intentionally or otherwise.

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Converting a Kubernetes Fullstack Application to Heroku Containers

on November 9, 2020

In the last several years, Google’s Kubernetes project has generated huge buzz. The project has grown and evolved into a titan of the cloud infrastructure world. While it’s a great project and serves many purposes, it remains a complex beast. Even with the managed Kubernetes services from major cloud providers, teams have to maintain complex, interwoven architectures using an ever-expanding cosmos of plugins and paradigm shifts. With such complexity inherent with its flexibility, Kubernetes requires its own set of skills in order to implement, maintain, upgrade, and operate this diverse orchestration ecosystem.

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