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How Adopting PaaS Will Change Your Team

on January 24, 2020

If your project is considering PaaS, then you may be worried about how this change might impact your team—and rightfully so. Switching to PaaS often results in major shifts in roles and responsibilities. In this article, we will look at some of the most common changes to help prepare you and your team for the shift.

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Monitoring Azure App Service Performance With SolarWinds AppOptics

on January 22, 2020

Azure App Service makes it easy to host reliable and scalable web applications. However, this doesn’t mean you can ignore your applications after deployment. Errors, performance issues, and other problems can occur at any time, affecting your quality of service and revenue. Staying on top of problems like these requires comprehensive monitoring, and application performance monitoring (APM) solutions like SolarWinds®AppOptics™can help.

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Why Transaction Tracing is Critical for Monitoring Microservices

on January 22, 2020

Teams switching from a monolithic application architecture to microservices often face a jarring realization: their time-tested troubleshooting techniques don’t work as effectively. A microservice consists of many independent, distributed, and ephemeral services with varying capabilities for monitoring and logging[]( Techniques such as stack traces are effective troubleshooting tools in monoliths, but only paint a small portion of the big picture in a microservice-based application.

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