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Can gzip Compression Really Improve Web Performance?

on August 15, 2018

The size of an average web page is growing exponentially. How do we keep websites fast even as they get bigger and bigger? The good news is that gzip compression easy to enable and gives your site an instant boost. We’ll show you how.

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The Four Golden Signals for Monitoring Distributed Systems

on August 15, 2018

Modern distributed systems give off hundreds of metrics in the form of infrastructure and host metrics. It’s not practical to monitor all of these constantly, so we recommend picking a subset that serves as your application’s key performance indicators.

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Best Practices for Web App Monitoring

on August 9, 2018

The architecture of modern web applications presents new challenges for monitoring their availability and performance. We will take a whirlwind tour of best practices for monitoring your services that can provide early warning signs before your next outage.

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