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We cover a wide array of software development and DevOps technologies. Here is some of our recent work:

Identifying Trolls and Bots on Reddit with Machine Learning (Part 2)

on July 30, 2019

Trolls and bots are widespread across social media, and they influence us in ways we are not always aware of. Trolls can be relatively harmless, just trying to entertain themselves at others’ expense, but they can also be political actors sowing mistrust or discord. While some bots offer helpful information, others can be used to manipulate vote counts and promote content that supports their agenda. We’ll show you how machine learning can help protect our communities from abuse.

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Trolls and Bots Are Disrupting Social Media — Here’s How AI Can Stop Them (Part 1)

on July 30, 2019

Trolls and bots have a huge and often unrecognized influence on social media. They are used to influence conversations for commercial or political reasons. They allow small hidden groups of people to promote information supporting their agenda and a large scale. They can push their content to the top of people’s news feeds, search results, and shopping carts. Some say they can even influence presidential elections. Can we use machine learning to identify suspicious posts and comments?

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Twelve-Factor Apps: A Retrospective and Look Forward

on July 17, 2019

If your team is creating apps for the cloud, chances are the Twelve-Factor App methodology has influenced the frameworks and platforms you’re using. Popular frameworks such as Spring Boot, Magento, and more credit the twelve factors as part of their design. Leading companies such as Heroku, Amazon, and Microsoft use and recommend the methodology. While new frameworks and methodologies are released every month, few have the far-reaching impact of this one.

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