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How to Build a React Chat App

With an ever-growing number of people relying on in-app chat to carry out business transactions, having a chat app is becoming essential for many companies. If you want to build a streamlined and intuitive chat app UI using React, Sendbird’s UIKit for React is a proven solution. The UIKit is a set of rich, modularized, pre-built UI components that you can use to create a modern messenger experience in your app.

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How to Scale MongoDB

Database scalability is the ability to expand or contract the capacity of system resources in order to support the changing usage of your application. This can refer both to increasing and decreasing usage of the application. Increased usage of your application brings three main challenges to your database server.

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Fundamentals of a Zero Trust Implementation (eBook)

In this guide, we’ll look at a major effort to protect these systems—zero trust security. We’ll look at exactly what zero trust security is, how it can help your organization, and the best practices for implementation. We’ll cover trending topics such as zero trust in the cloud, zero trust with Kubernetes, and more. We’ll even cover a few caveats to watch out for.

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