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Best Practices for Event-Driven Microservice Architecture

on September 11, 2019

If you’re an enterprise architect, you’ve probably heard of and worked with a microservices architecture. While you might have used REST as your service communications layer in the past, more and more projects are moving to an event-driven architecture. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this popular architecture, some of the key design choices it entails, and common anti-patterns.

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PaaS versus Serverless: Which to choose in 2019?

on September 11, 2019

Serverless computing is increasingly popular, so when building a new application in 2019 should you go serverless or stick with PaaS? Which approach should we choose for building apps today? Should you make the switch to serverless? The first step is to look at all our options objectively, evaluate them for our specific situation, and make a reasoned choice. Both can solve basic development needs: delivering functionality quickly and reliably. Understanding the technical differences will help you determine which approach is best for a particular project.

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Open Data Shines a Light on Cities’ Top Challenges

on August 21, 2019

From reports of potholes and broken streetlights to complaints about garbage and vandalism, cities process more non-emergency requests from residents than ever before. Baltimore, the first U.S. city to deploy a 311 system, has processed over 13 million requests since its inception. The result is a repository of data detailing the interactions between a city and its residents. Analyzing this data can help cities learn more about their residents’ needs, prioritize tasks and projects, track performance, and improve collaboration across departments.

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