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My Top 10 JavaScript Articles from 2019

on February 28, 2020

JavaScript has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a clunky, exclusively front-end scripting language. We saw some big developments in the JavaScript landscape during 2019, including the widespread adoption of React hooks and functional programming concepts, steady conversion to TypeScript, and continued domination of React in the front-end framework ecosystem.

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Zero Downtime Deployments: Best Practices for CI/CD on Heroku

on February 28, 2020

Avoiding downtime while reducing the risk of exposing users to breaking changes when deploying applications is a major challenge. I’ll be pulling from my experience as a software engineering instructor and active user of Heroku to show you how to minimize deployment risk, and achieve zero downtime deployments.

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Observability on Heroku: How to Monitor Apps on a Managed Infrastructure

on February 17, 2020

Cloud platforms like Heroku make it easier than ever to host applications: just upload your code, and they’ll deploy it for you. But a common misconception is that, because you don’t own the infrastructure, you can’t really monitor your applications or see under the hood.

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