How to Stream Logs from Azure Resources to Loggly

By Casey Phillips | February 15, 2019

When running any production load within Azure, you need to make sure you are always getting the latest info on what is going within your hosted infrastructure. Logs provide a way to record and monitor the systems that we are running and alert us to any potential problems. The Azure Event Hub messaging system has built-in support for streaming logs out of a large variety of Azure-hosted resources, such as VMs, load balancers, and more. This makes it a great solution when capturing logs from many sources within your Azure stack. We can use it to forward logs to a best-of-breed log management system like SolarWinds® Loggly™ to make monitoring and searching through log data extremely easy.

This tutorial will show you how to stream logs to Loggly. An Azure resource generates logs, which then sends them to Event Hub. An Azure function will read them and send them to Loggly.