Benchmarking CDNs: CloudFront, Cloudflare, Fastly, and Google Cloud

By Gerred Dillon | February 2, 2019

As web services become more popular in a global environment, the demand for responsive, performant sites have increased. Performance is critical to the success of modern web applications, whether the user is in California or New Zealand. Large companies such as Amazon track their response time, because an increase in response times by one second costs the company $1.6 billion per year in sales. While this seems like a large-scale problem, a Google Study in performance confirms that page response time has a drastic effect on small- to medium-sized sites as well. In short: nobody is immune, and everybody can take advantage of fast response times across the globe.

Fortunately, there is an entire class of service providers dedicated to solving this problem in the most cost-effective way possible: content delivery networks (CDNs).