Engineering Manager

Why work for Dev Spotlight?

At Dev Spotlight, you’ll impact millions of software developers and DevOps engineers. We create content to teach best practices, solve problems, learn the latest trends, and design better architectures. With so much low quality content out there, we raise the bar by hiring the best expert developers and investing time to create the best solutions. Our content is frequently top-ranked in Google and on the front page of online communities like Reddit and Hacker News.

You’ll work with the latest technologies and trends, which is a fun way to grow your skills. It’s a great feeling when the community loves your work and it’s an opportunity to grow your personal portfolio and brand. Due to our short project cycles, you’ll deliver work in weeks. You’ll get variety instead of being stuck with the same systems for years. No more unrecognized time spent on maintenance, fighting fires, and projects that get cancelled after months of work.

We’re based in San Francisco, but we’re 100% remote. You’ll have the flexibility to work from home or rent a personal office, and set your own schedule. No more long commutes, open plan offices, fixed working hours, or relocating to high cost of living areas. We hire the best people wherever they are.

The Engineering Manager role

We are looking for a full-time engineering manager to organize and grow our engineering team. We currently have a diverse team of over two dozen experts in different technologies from frontend development, backend, DevOps, machine learning and more. We want you to grow the team, give them resources they need, and help them achieve their highest potential.

You’ll serve as a leader and coach to our team, raise the bar on content quality, and architect solutions across leading cloud and open source tools. You’ll also help our team collaborate and share resources with one another including cloud infrastructure, demo apps, monitoring services, and analytics data.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and grow a team of experts across a diverse set of languages and technologies including Java, Go, Node, AWS, Heroku, Docker, and more
  • Manage projects and assign tasks based on the technical strengths and interests of team members
  • Write technical specifications for tutorials and sample applications to be implemented by your team
  • Perform technical reviews and raise the bar on content quality, technical correctness, depth, and clarity
  • Draw out the most interesting technical insights, best practices, and advocate for the perspective of readers at both junior and senior levels
  • Manage internal and external deadlines, including buffers and re-assigning tasks when needed
  • Partner with other team members including account managers, copy editors, designers, and marketers to create and distribute content
  • Build a shared set of resources for all writers to use including cloud accounts, sample infrastructure, applications, monitoring services, and data
  • Track the latest trends in software development and suggest relevant topics to investigate and write about
  • Influence the long term growth of Dev Spotlight by helping us scale our organization and grow our business

Basic Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience as a software developer
  • 2+ years of experience in management
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully interview and hire engineers
  • A broad understanding of software across Dev and DevOps, and the ability to deep dive into your areas of expertise
  • Understanding of the software development lifecycle and agile methodologies
  • Understanding of the broader business drivers that motivate change in software organizations
  • Knowledge of the latest trends in the software development industry
  • Excellent people management, written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to work at a fast pace and prioritize work with an entrepreneurial mindset

Preferred Qualifications

  • Expert knowledge of computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design
  • Experience with software design patterns, testing strategies, and programming languages (Java, C++, C#, Python or similar)
  • Experience in designing, implementing and maintaining high performance, high availability (24x7), large-scale web based software applications
  • Data-driven and “quantitative” mentality to decision making and prioritization
  • Experience with web and mobile APIs and SDKs, including knowledge of HTTP, REST, and JSON
  • Experience in technical writing, blogging, or social media

Contact us to apply or learn more.