Monitoring Back Pressure When Your Infrastructure is Pushed to the Limit

By Jason Skowronski in appoptics

November 28, 2018

Back pressure is a signal that a service is at capacity and cannot accept more load. You’ve probably experienced back pressure without even knowing it. How can we better manage back pressure and respond gracefully when it happens? We will run through an example of pushing WordPress to its limit to see what breaks first. We’ll also show you tools to monitor and find the root cause of back pressure in multi-tier applications.

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Using Prometheus with AppOptics

By Gerred Dillon in appoptics

October 18, 2018

Prometheus is an all-in-one, open-source monitoring solution. While metrics are commonly visualized using Grafana, a commercial application monitoring solution like AppOptics™ can offer extra functionality. In this article, we will take a look at setting up a simple web service, using Prometheus to gather metrics, and using AppOptics to display those metrics and fire an alert.

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Introduction to Distributed Tracing with Zipkin and Jaeger

By Gerred Dillon in appoptics

October 10, 2018

In another article, we dove into OpenTracing and OpenCensus to look more into the mechanics of how tracing works. Although we will be using different backends for our tracing, our demo application will use OpenTracing at its core. These examples will be using the Go Programming Language and the OpenTracing Go API, but you do not need to understand it in order to follow along with the examples.

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Intro to OpenTracing and OpenCensus for Distributed Tracing

By Gerred Dillon in appoptics

September 25, 2018

While standard logging and metrics collection approaches give us an understanding of our application from a single vantage point, it is less useful for understanding the flow of execution and data through our applications, especially across network boundaries. Tracing completes our view of application health. There are several standards for distributed tracing, including OpenTracing and Open Census. We’ll describe these two open source standards and show how to use OpenTracing with SolarWinds® AppOptics™.

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Troubleshooting MySQL Performance Issues with SolarWinds AppOptics

By Sadequl Hussain in appoptics

August 22, 2018

You realize your boss is looming by your desk. “The system is down,” he says, as if it’s your fault. “Can you check the database?” “I know,” you say with confidence, “just about to find out.” If you can find the root cause, you’re on the way to getting things up and running again.

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The Four Golden Signals for Monitoring Distributed Systems

By Jason Skowronski in AppOptics

August 15, 2018

Modern distributed systems give off hundreds of metrics in the form of infrastructure and host metrics. It’s not practical to monitor all of these constantly, so we recommend picking a subset that serves as your application’s key performance indicators.

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How to Troubleshoot Kubernetes Network Issues

By Gerred Dillon in AppOptics

August 9, 2018

We will use AppOptics™ tracing to diagnose some latency issues with applications running on Kubernetes. We’ll use it to trace latency on requests to our Kubernetes pods to identify problems in the network stack.

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